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The LobbyByFax(sm) System provides a simple, web-based methodology whereby constituents, voters, concerned activists and others may instantly voice their opinions to elected officials at the Federal, State, County/Local level, or to key administrative officials or other decision- makers.

Alerts currently indicated on the LobbyByFax system are offered as a public service by Interpage. Respondents may select an alert of interest, select their state, and immediately fax their correspondence to their given elected officials and/or relevant parties for their review.

Although the LobbyByFax System is available to lobbying organizations, activist groups, and other political entities on a subscription basis, the alerts listed are not sponsored by any such group or entity, and are provided purely as a demonstration of the LobbyByFax system and as a public service by Interpage.

Learn more about products and services provided by Interpage , including Lobby By Fax, and Fax Unlimited, a flat-rate faxing service to effectively disseminate constituent responses on a predictable, umetered rate basis.

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